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Lucky Number 19!

By September 19, 2015 3 Comments

This month marks our 19th year in business.  For me, 19 is a very symbolic number full of meaning and inspiration!

What makes 19 so special?

In 19 – there’s a 1 which describes the beginning of my bead adventure perfectly.  I was living alone, independent, coming out of a years-long relationship and excited about a new beginning.  I was 26, and with that youthfulness came energy, creativity and the idea that I had little to risk and everything to gain!  In numerology, the vibration of 1 carries courage and individuality.

As the walls for the store were being built, I met Jason and we became 2 🙂

In 19, there’s the number 9.  The highest number in feng shui that is about success, fruition, abundance… the most powerful single number and very lucky!  The chinese meaning of 9 is completion and satisfaction.  In my journey, I have MOST definitely had an abundance of relationships, friendships and community!

This 19th year renews our passion for beads, and it’s been incredible to see the ups and downs of a small business in retrospect. To experience the effect of technology on relationships, both diminishing and enhancing in different ways!

I’ve learned to find the blessings, balance and lessons in everything we do.  So as we prepare to move for the 4th time in the coming year, we are balancing that with a permanent ONLINE store.  While in-store classes have dwindled over the years with the advent of convenient devices, we are making a strong move to support you with our online videos and upcoming live streaming classes!  As people have less free time to find peace and mindfulness, and even less time to keep their creative fires blazing, we will be making more kits and finished jewelry to accompany you!

I love what I do. I am proud of what WE do and make, and I want to share that with you.  This business is a direct by-product of my soul’s purpose.  I will alter, continue, side-step and forge ahead, and hope to see you by our side as we strive to move forward with love and energy in this new online adventure!

Much LOVE and ALOHA!

jamie, jason, michelle and the gang!


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  • Yvette Herold says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary and best wishes for your new venture. When we spent winters in Honolulu, I took many classes at your store. I felt as if your customers were groupies who enjoyed spending time with you and Jason. Your staff was always helpful and encouraged my interest in beading. Thank you for your passion about beading and for having the entrepreneurial spirit to explore new avenues.
    Yvette Herold, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

  • Anke Crowhurst says:

    Aloha Jamie and Jason,

    Congratulations on your 19th anniversary year! That is just great. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in your store but we are coming to Hawaii in January and hope to see you again. When are you moving and what will your new address be?

    All the best from Anke Crowhurst.
    Sidney, BC Canada

  • Dawna Agao says:

    I enjoy what little time I do get to come by the store. It is like entering a whole different world. Full of colors, textures and energies. Jamie, Jason and staff are ALWAYS so friendly, ready to help you with anything and everything, and always with warm, gentle smiles. I do wish I had more free time to come by more often. I love The Bead Gallery, and all that it stands for. Thank you for being there for all of us.

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