Welcome to The Bead Gallery Honolulu, where creativity and community unite. It is our mission to spread our aloha beyond the physical space we work in, and to make sure that our presence raises the vibration of this planet, one bead at a time, one person at a time.

We are creative collaborators, here for anyone and everyone in need of a community of creative support and healing. Through our one-on-one classes, personal creative consultations, guided tutorials, DIY kits, and community events, we utilize the act of beading as a channel of change for creative cultivation; inspiring, guiding, and supporting your own self expression as you adorn yourself in creations of your own making.

The People


The Girl On Fire. As the phoenix is often associated with red, fire, and knowledge, the founder and leader of the gallery and sagittarius, Jamie, has also brought knowledge, community, success and new opportunities to the gallery for almost 20 years through her passion for people and unwavering belief in the power of creative self expression.


The green dragon is a powerful and auspicious traditional feng shui cure, symbolizing strength and masculinity. Jason, being the natural capricorn that he is, is always bringing in positivity and a strong welcoming energy into the gallery. He welcomes our clients into the gallery, instantly making them feel like family.


The white tiger guards mankind, always observing the world with almost a second sight. Michelle, our virgo, is the protector and guardian of the creative cultivation that happens within the Gallery. Constantly guarding against negative forces, self judgement limitations, and creative fear that can threaten creative self expression.


Genbu, the Black Turtle, is always listening just as Amanda is always listening to the vibrations of the community that surrounds the Bead Gallery. Fellow sagittarius, Amanda bring with her listening wisdom, life, stability, and unyielding loyalty, making her a powerful designer and jewelry maker.

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The basics of feng shui are to create balance and harmony between the natures elemental forces.  This provides a stable environment and safe place to grow, expand and become.  At the heart of this system  are four celestial symbols, each representing a guiding direction on the compass that is life. Just as these 4 celestial creatures serve to support and guide, the family members that make up the Bead Gallery equally serve and support it purpose of a center for creative healing and balance.