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Beading: a Dad and Daughter time

By June 16, 2016 No Comments

For most kids, father’s day means making a computer paper card or helping mom shop for more aloha shirts.  For me, it’s picking out beads he doesn’t have or freaking out about what gauge wire Dad would like to create things with.  I started beading when I was 9, and my dad soon followed when we started shopping at The Bead Gallery.  Time slowly shifted dad-daughter bonding from Lowe’s kid workshop activities to beading on the couch while nomming on potato chips and watching TV.  He taught me how to handle a torch and solder silver, and in return, I taught him a love of gemstones.  Now, he wears more jewelry than I do!  Dad goes to all my band concerts, goes bead shopping with me, and takes me to TBG every weekend for work.  Father’s day, to me, is more than giving him new hardware tools.  I celebrate and thank him for the time that I’ve spent with him, because I know it won’t be forever.