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aloha elixir candle

Aloha Elixir Candles and Sound Healing Meditation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today was an intense teaching session  for a  5 hour wire play day- with an awesome creative flow of jewelry-making, hammering and shaping,  going like gangbusters!! I ended this creative evening with a bit more beads on my mind, highly sought after rest and a happy inspiration at my friend, Emma Mitchell's, sound healing meditation in Aiea at the Healing Arts Center, featuring Aloha Elixir Candles! She hosted our friend, Keoki Tavares, and his lovely handmade Aloha Elixir candles at her evening meditation, where we all held a single candle, one by one, setting our intentions for love and for that love to spread far and wide, that we then lit and began the sound healing with her crystal quartz bowls singing for the next 45 minutes. I was in a deep meditation, lol, aka "sleep", as my body and mind needed that rest, peace and healing that Emma provides on these Saturday nights.  It's a moment where I can let go of everything, everyone and surrender to breathing. Rejuvenated with the rest, I popped awake with the NAME OF THE FIRST CANDLE THAT I WANT TO MAKE in collaboration WITH Aloha Elixir Candles!! It's been on my mind for a couple months, and it came to fruition tonight.  Our candle will be called "bede", which means "prayer" or "bead".  And this candle will have layers of tumbled gemstones that will be revealed as the soy wax burns down.   There is no specific religious intent behind my choice of the word "bede" prayer, but I hold this intention in my heart:
bead = bede = prayer
a string of beads to wear and connect with divine spirit & the universe.
an outward touchable expression of all that is LOVE & sacred within.
adorn with aloha for affirmations and as a reminder of spirit.
you are beautiful.  
Please look forward to the creation of this candle, knowing that I'm making it with a lot of love in my heart and with the excitement of working with Keoki, and being able to share this with you!!  Updates will come!
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