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Best Beading Advice for Beginners - My First Beading Experience

My friend, Sharise, changed my life with her dad's rusty pair of pliers and some bent up base metal wire in her car tool box! I had no idea what I was doing or how to hold a plier, but it was thrilling to bend the wire to my will,  to mix colors and shapes in a way that pleased me, and to create something from NOTHING!  There was nothing to copy, nothing to inspire me.. Just one tool.. one piece of wire and a small pile of beads.

I think that starting off that simply in the very beginning allowed ME to express myself and experience beading in a pure way - with no other perspective of what was "right" or "wrong".   Wrong was something I learned when the beads fell off, or the wires scratched me.  Right was if it made me smile, and feel happy.  My beading didn't have to have a purpose or a productive role - it was just me making &*@# up!

As I started to expand my joy, I met new people, took classes and had outside perspectives and opinions thrown into the mix - it got complicated.   I learned to doubt myself, to think that might be a better way, and to wonder... is this nice?   Choosing color combinations became harder and more about pleasing others, and what started as a relaxing hobby felt like it was just 300 decisions a day. YES, there's a light at the end of this tunnel!  

Because I have worked with thousands of women, over countless hours and years assisting with decisions and making choices all day that are so subjective, I have come up with the BEST ADVICE for beginners that is honed over 20 plus years of experience.  Plus, I use it myself :) "Don't use your eyes.. use your heart.  If it makes you feel good, it's the right choice."  Use the same technique in design and creation that you use in choosing friends.  And if that's still challenging, then stop in and I'll hold your hand while you decide.  That always seems to help!

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