Blue Lace Agate Stone

Blue Lace Agate Stone

Blue lace agate stone is a beautiful piece of jewelry that promotes peace of mind. It is a calming and nurturing stone, which counteracts feelings of judgment and repression that we feel from others and towards ourselves.

Blue lace agate helps us to feel more at ease with ourselves and our environment. It helps us to relax, soothe our fears and anxieties, and find inner peace when we are feeling stressed.

The blue lace agate stone also helps us deal with other people who may be critical or judgmental of us. It helps us to see their point of view without taking it personally or feeling defensive or guilty if they are unhappy with something we have done or said.

Blue lace agate can help you communicate more effectively with others. By helping you remain calm and centered during these conversations, you will be better able to listen carefully without being distracted by your own negative emotions about what the other person is saying or doing - which in turn makes it easier for them to listen back too!

The stones are available UNDRILLED or DRILLED directly on our website.
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