Crystal Rainbow Quartz Clusters!

Crystal Rainbow Quartz Clusters!

The best way to enjoy these hand-picked crystal clusters is to see them in a 360-degree video, so you can enjoy as much of the radiating energy as possible! We have created a special Facebook group page so you can view these sparkly stones in all of their glory! If you haven't already, request to join the group at:

Many of the clusters have natural rainbow inclusions in them, so if you have any questions, please ask and we can tell you more about the specimen OR send you another photo!!

These are the MOTHER-stones of the shiny happy rainbow baby round beads as found here: We requested our vendor to sell them to us (which he normally doesn't do because they usually cut ALL the material to make beads, and he had to hunt for all the pieces that had visible rainbows pre-cutting for us)


because we think it's so WONDERFUL to know where they come from - and appreciate that the RAINBOWS aren't common or easily found in a huge chunk of crystal.

Enjoy the show! 

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