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Designing with Rondelles

Since we're hosting a rondelle trunk show in the shop, I decided to talk a little bit about designing with rondelles.  They're great for all designs and have a shape that complements other beads well.  In addition to its versatility, they're quite affordable.  Also, some designs may only require a few rondelles at a time, meaning a strand goes a long way.

Straight Stringing with Rondelles

29493849614_9c3772849e_zstraight stringing rondelles 28438133524_e781cb5470_z29496324234_d65ac018df_z While I enjoy other shapes in straight stringing, a rondelle is one of my favorites because it creates a column of pure color.  Not only is it amazing for color-block style, but also it is wonderful with many metal spacers in between!  Straight stringing is simple and easy; it will probably will become a staple in your designs.  Although this style requires a lot of beads, it's worth it (Just look at it!!  So much elegance).

Love Story/Bodhi/Macrame

[gallery columns="2" ids="|,|"] This style is amazing.  Whether the rondelle is bound on the outside or encased inside, you can't go wrong.  Putting the beads on the outside as shown on the right will make the bracelet chunkier, whereas the beads on the inside will give a more petite look.  As a result of the macrame, this design requires less beads.  Therefore, your strand will last longer!

Basic Wire Wrap

30010127992_efb230170e_z29496323844_a2ca5a86e4_z30124508885_6fe596d5ea_z Now, this one is my favorite.  Not only does it require a small number of rondelles, but also it is extremely versatile in its use.  Basic wire wrap makes bracelets, necklaces, earrings...  As a result, it's the most useful skill in your "toolkit". Most of all, your strands will stretch a long way!  My favorite look is in a chandelier earring, which you can also create a matching bracelet and necklace easily in the same style.
That's a wrap! (no pun intended)  If you'd like to see more from The Bead Gallery, then browse through our site.  In addition to this site, keep in touch with us through Facebook!
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