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Iris Sandkuhler on Fire!

Fusing Fine Silver - What the heck is that? About 16 years ago, my beady friend, Kriss Silva told me about a newish metal working technique called "fusing" being done by a woman named Iris Sandkuhler.    I had only known "fusing" as a glass working method, so I was intrigued, especially once I learned we could melt silver and do a cleaner, easier version of soldering with it. We were able to send Amanda to get trained by Iris in the early 2000's, and with Iris' generous permission and support, shared this technique with our customers in a trained and skillful way! Iris has since become a long-time friend of The Bead Gallery recurring teacher over the past 2 decades, AND someone that we truly support and love!  Click here to see her website and get to know her style.  We look forward to her visiting us again!  
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