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Shopping with us, is like shopping with family... we'll take care of your order!

Shopping with us, is like shopping with family... we'll take care of your order!


Shop online or by email or message us on social media, and pay as you go! This way, you don't forget what you wanted, and it doesn't run out while you try to remember what else you needed!

Select the ‘Hold and Ship’ option at checkout, and this means we will hold your items post-payment, in anticipation of a future order.

  • We offer this option as a service for customers who may not have a large enough order total to qualify for free shipping - because it gives time to build up to the purchase amount that does.
  • If you were aware of this policy, and are planning to make a future order, that is perfect – we will continue to hold your items for you!
  • If you don’t plan on ordering anything else, we will be happy to ship your order as is, and we will collect $4.00 for shipping prior.

We can send you a PayPal invoice for the shipping, should you not find anything else you want! - please let us know.


Aloha Note to Earth Friends!
If you are not in an immediate rush for a few items and you think you may be ordering a bit more, we ask on behalf of the earth and fossil fuels that you accumulate your order to reduce shipping impacts.  Thank you!
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Leslie Miyashiro - April 8, 2020

I already spoke/texted Jamie about this but thought I should also sense message!!

Leather(from Japan) with all the fixing to make the bracelet(2).

Brass/bronze clasp with safety chain so I can make another big bead bracelet. I need 2 sets both bronze.

May I have the thingy to measure the wire gauge.

I believe that is all for now! Be safe take care and I miss you all!

Me 🤪 Leslie

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