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Our Eternal Favorite Tools: Lindstrom Pliers

]One of our bead friends, Erika Engle, posted about her recently acquired Lindstrom tools on Facebook, and I really enjoyed the honest opinions and comments that followed!  I asked her permission to "reprint", LOL, and here it is.

Why Lindstrom Tools?

Thanks to my generous kids, I was able to get a set of long-desired Lindstrom jewelry-making tools at The Bead Gallery, Honolulu ‪#‎Christmas2015‬ ‪#‎Excited‬ PLUS, I got to be in one of Jamie's Periscope videos -- we were "knotty" together! ~.^

EriKa Engle: I've wanted a set FOR YEARS, Jeff! I couldn't justify the expense from the regular household budget, but out of gift money from my kids? Yeah. Justification complete! I hope you get some, someday. The Bead Gallery, Honolulu has a good relationship with the Lindstrom factory, so if anything happens to the handles, the blades, etc., you take the tools back to the store and they'll get the tools reconditioned for you. THAT is why I chose to buy them from locally owned TBG. Besides, just being in there and seeing Jamie and her awesome gang makes me very happy. Michelle helped me with my purchase and was fabulous as always!

Joy Shimabukuro: Have fun with them EriKa! I love mine and got them from Jason and Jaime, too! My first wire wrap class was with Jason. Love them both, plus the rest of the Bead Gallery crew!

Leah Sekiguchi: Those are the BEST tools from the BEST bead shop!!

Diane Okubo: Best tools ever! The wisest investment I've made in my life.

Calinda Goo: Best investment you'll make for the long haul!!!

EriKa Engle: And after watching several of your video tutorials, this was the first project I made using my new Lindstrom tools from The Bead Gallery, Honolulu! The next pair will be better, but I had fun!

Want to test drive a set?  Stop by the store and ask!!!  We have a store set, a Jamie set, an Amanda set..... we ALL have them!!

]We ABSOLUTELY LOVE these tools and recommend them without a doubt! We can guarantee that these are the highest quality tools that you can use as a beader, in order to turn out the highest quality products :)    These are our "ride or die" tools... 

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