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Loyalty Rewards Program!

Loyalty Rewards Program!

Join our new (in-store) loyalty rewards program at The Bead Gallery !  You don’t do a THING (except for completing a one-time profile online here or in the store).  Better than our previous stamp cards because there's no paper waste no hunting for misplaced cards, AND we can track your points at any time!  There's also the flexibility in redeeming your points, and your points will accumulate happily and quickly.  Ask before you checkout to find out what free goodies, cash discounts and other fun rewards you've unlocked, or check your point balance on your own!
  To access your account and get rewarded with 150 points, click here!
  First time here? This is what you’ll see. CLICK ON “Create an account here” and continue.
If you are already getting points and want to track your rewards, then please create an account with the email address you’ve been collecting points with in-store.
See the photo below.  First, type in your favorite email address that you want to use at The Bead Gallery for emails and checkout.
Next, create a password that only YOU will have access to.  Finally, fill in the rest of the information and then click "Get 150 points".
Thank you! You are NOW officially part of our customer loyalty program!
Click here to see the rewards.
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