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Making Tiny Pandas with Beadcrumbs!

Beadcrumbs is my new BBF, my new "best beading friend" that I recently discovered online while scanning through my facebook feed!  It's my bead version of online dating, lol! I love facebook!  It's such a fun and easy way for me to meet new people and make new friends, like Jayne!! A friend fb messaged me a photo of one of Jayne's super cute BeadCrumbs projects - I thought it was so ME!!, that I had to message her and find out more!  I was happily surprised to find out that not only does she lives on the same island as me, Oahu Hawaii, she's only a couple miles away from me!! I quickly asked her to come in and meet with me at the store, because I felt that we should become friends!  After our first meeting, which felt like reunion of bead sisters, I was making a tiny brick stitched panda, we were laughing together, and ready to start making beginning video tutorials!!  Exciting! Her patterns are easy to follow, and we plan on making it even easier for you to learn her "patented" Beadcrumbs techniques of strengthing and straightening out the seed bead rows!  I've been doing peyote and brick for 2 decades and I must say that she is quite ingenious on getting her pieces to lay flat with the beads aligned and perfectly straight!  Can't wait to show you! Look forward to The Bead Gallery's collaborations with Jayne of BeadCrumbs, and in the meantime, check out all of her CUTE CUTE stuff on her etsy site here! Let's be friends!   *UPDATE!  We are currently working on some holiday projects in peyote stitch for beginners that she just designed for The Bead Gallery, Honolulu!! SUPER CUTE and a great way to learn seed beading!  Stay tuned and get on our email list so that you can make your own BeadCrumb christmas tree or stocking tiny project!
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