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How Matte Beads Are Made

Matte beads have become more and more popular in jewelry.  I love how they give an organic look to pieces.  Tumbled gems look best in beach-inspired designs, however, it gives a more upscale feel because they are beautiful stones.  It seems like a luxe form of beach glass!  Not only do tumble gems give a beach-y, natural look but also it goes great with wood!  The matte-ing process is similar to the weathering of glass and shells on the shores of the beach.  These matte beauties feel soft and smooth, similar to your favorite fuzzy socks.  My favorites tumbled goodies include banded agate, aventurine, and quartz.  Also, the way the mica in sunstone shines through the satin finish is absolutely magical.

We matte beads here at The Bead Gallery in a special process.  First, selected gems mix with fine-grit powder (i.e. sand) and water, then tumble for 24 hours or until the desired look is achieved.  Softer stones on the Moh scale achieve a satin finish faster and harder stones retain their shine for longer.  As a result, the gems may have little bits of grit in the holes.  To finish, gems are hand-dried and holes are poked through to be sure they are clean.  We carry a variety of matte gemstones in-store at The Bead Gallery.  Stop in and see our new collection.  If you'd like to see our collection but live off-island, please email us:

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