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How Mothers Change Our Lives

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Happy Mother's Day!

Most of my thoughts tend to wander back to the most influential person in my life - my mom.  When I think about how she plays with children (and she's now in her late 60's) it makes me smile.  She's playful, imaginative, creative and always ready to laugh.  When she's on a creative tear, EVERYONE get out of her way!  And when she's on a mission to get a task done, she's focused and her follow through is inspiring.

I'll probably never know how it feels to be a mom, as almost all my eggs have dropped and I don't think it's as easy as running to Foodland to get more!  And the one repeated line she's said all my adult life is, "You don't understand, cause you don't have kids!"  So true.  I don't understand, BUT I do know how it is to be a daughter for a very fortunate 45 years, and it's been amazing.

I've been supported, bossed, criticized, lifted, put down, spanked, hugged, scolded, teased, carried, and been reminded through EVERY single moment of my life through situations and emergencies, celebrations and loss.... that I am loved so beautifully and completely.   And that is something that I am eternally grateful for and I do my best to show that gratitude in the way I run my store.

The Bead Gallery is really the closest thing I could have to a child - as it's 19 now, and been the source of pleasure, pain, comfort, stability, worry, fear... you name it.   And while it's not a LIVING, breathing, responsive being, it has been a constant in my life that I have a relationship with, and one that I love.

It's the PLACE where I get to do the things I've admired about my Mom for most of my life: which is to take risks, love a lot, share everything I know, help others, be creative, ask for what I need, not to worry about what other people think about me and to value my body, to value my energy and most of all: to value how I feel and to know that  I will be alright... no matter what.

Thanks to ALL the Mom's that do that.  I couldn't do this without ALL of you.  And especially mine. Happy Mother's Day!

And yes, I'm going to make her jewelry, LOL!  Probably earrings!

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