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My First Youtube Video - Kumihimo!

Years ago, my friend, Cali, broke both her legs and couldn't leave her house.  I wanted to send her kumihimo braiding supplies, but couldn't figure out how I'd be able to teach her!  Her housebound challenge inspired me to make a video that I knew she'd be able to watch, and while I was hesitant to post it on youtube... I was motivated.  I asked Jason, to video me with my iPod and we were on our way! Technology has really changed the way we interact and communicate and I do miss my customers (everyone is so BUSY!!), so I'm thrilled that we have this brand spanking new website that will allow me to keep reaching out and hanging with you all at home! Hope you'll invite me in!  I'm planning live classes and demos, thanks to my web guy, and just so you can see my very first video, I'll plant it here :) Aloha!!  Jamie
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