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My Sun Sign Rules!

Why do I love beading and why do I love to teach?  Probably because I'm a Sagittarius and these are major elements of my sign.  Freedom... the freedom to express myself creatively and to allow my jewelry to say what I mean, and show how I feel.  I put a lot of thought, love and my spirit into all of my pieces, and I  do my best to teach that to my customers and friends.  Truth... I can allow my jewelry to express my honesty, beyond my words of the present moment, because I can speak my truth once, but the adornment is a talisman, and a lasting reminder of my expression of love, caring, and healing.  Learning... I am interested in everyone and everything.. if I weren't a bead store owner, I'd be a questioner (that's a job that I just made up).  I'd ask people questions all day so that I could see new ideas, new perspectives and see the world with new eyes, every day!

I love teaching and sharing because it's a wonderful way to express my joy in all the things that I've learned that expand my perspective, my mind, spirit and heart.  There is a sense of community being built when I can show someone how to access their creativity, and it's a wonderful feeling to share in their happy moment when the spark is lit! After 20 years of beading, I've adapted to new styles, trends, techniques and have discovered so many things along the way!
  • I learned to be accepting when things don't turn out the way I expected.
  • I learned to be creative with limited supplies.
  • I learned patience by doing things repeatedly until I reached the end.
  • I learned to adapt by changing my mindset and expectations when things broke, ran out or didn't fit.
  • I learned problem-solving when faced with great ideas but not yet having the skills to execute it.
  • I learned that success is personal, ever changing, and involves loving what I'm doing and staying true to that focus.

I've practiced these skills in my craft, and then extended it to my life and my relationships.

In truth, it's not just my astrological sign that has determined my love for beading and teaching. :)  I've learned so much about myself, how to access joy, and how to love my life through this process we call "beading".  The relationships that I've created and sustained through sharing my love for creating and healing has come together, and I plan on continuing this practice, one bead at at time... one person at a time
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