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Nature's Color Palette is in Baby Fish!

Been spending some time outside in the past year.  I've always felt a bit intimidated if not even fearful of nature. The inability to control it. To have to accept it for whatever it is or brings:)  so different than the climate controlled work environment that I've gotten used to over the years.
I don't spend enough time in nature. With my feet in the dirt. Sand stuck to my skin. Breathing in fresh air and feeling the wind in my face or sun on my legs. so my jewelry has been my way of keeping connected to the earth. Putting earth's treasures deep from the center of this hot molten planet on my body. On my skin. Keeping me connected to this place and time I'm here.
Yesterday I went fishing for the first time with a rod and reel, and caught a fish and held it in my hand. It was a baby oio that I was about to put back into the ocean. It fell off the hook as I reeled it in and flopped on the sand. It was gleaming silvery white with flashes of blue and it glittered in the slightly overcast day. It was beautiful!  And I immediate thought about rainbow moonstone with the same iridescent glow and flash of intense color!  Lol!  It Always comes back to beads and gems for me.
Naomi and I had lunch at ai love nalo in Waimanalo and I was amazed at how many colors they were able to introduce into the plate, from a bright burgundy beet red hummus to the sunshine yellow and bright orange bell peppers, green leaf lettuce with red ruffled edges and avocado greens.
All in all, a beautiful day of colors all provided by nature.  Thank you ke akua!
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