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There's A New Sheriff In Town!

I titled this The Bead Gallery, Honolulu:  "There's a New Sheriff in Town" because it's an apt description when the way things are done are CHANGED, and when a new person takes control.   This is written as Jason takes over the brick and mortar, and as I focus on our website! (Maybe we can ask Jason for a blog post about HIS experience!!) So, we are in month two of The Bead Gallery online, and it's been the most bittersweet experience I've had as a store owner. One one hand, it's exciting, challenging and amazing to be able to organize and provide you all access to so many of our beads, tutorials, kits and finished jewelry.  More than we could ever show in our super-stocked store!  It's a new creative outlet that challenges my brain, my skills and definitely pushes me to learn more every day. On the other hand, it's a lot of alone time, at my computer by myself, making decisions without the collaboration and companionship that I'm used to. And that, takes a lot of adjusting to get used to. I miss my store... the beautiful beads, the energy and the people!  Jason has repeatedly reminded me that I can achieve a balance between working on the website and being in store with my live, breathing friends.  I look forward to it, and yet, in my aloneness there is a quiet that I have never experienced. It's quite defining to make all the decisions by myself, for myself and this experience is changing me in so many ways.  It's my first time to self-motivate to complete a task that only involves me,  and to follow through when there are no expectations from my new job, other than those created by myself. It's an extraordinary experience that is unlike everything I have ever done as a daughter, sister, wife, friend and retail business owner where up til now, I've always been surrounded by other people, and it's been about the shared energy, a shared experience and included compromise and control. Now, the only person I am with all day is, ME!  And I'm learning slowly to trust myself that I KNOW what I'm doing and who I am, and to let my passion for what I do guide me daily.  It's slow-going and painful, very much like when we started The Bead Gallery, 19 years ago.  However, when I think about all the beauty that has come from that experience, it grounds me for this moment and let me keep going just a little bit further. So while I miss the energy of being with others, it's truly amazing and scary and rejuvenating to meet my adult self after almost 2 decades, and learning how to be my own best friend.   Chat me back if you are experiencing something similar!
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