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palo santo wood

Palo Santo Wood for Cleansing

Many customers ask how they can "clean" their gemstone and beaded jewelry. We have many suggestions for polishing and cleaning your jewelry and metals here, but if you'd like to go one step further and clean your gems energetically, here's a couple of suggestions including using our new addition of palo santo wood to our arsenal of cleaners!

Like any other object, things can hold, reflect and share energies beyond what we can "see". If you feel like your beads and jewelry need a refresh, reset or delete of its past, keep on reading!

One of the easiest ways of cleansing a piece is to take it on a "date", much like you'd take a good friend who's in need of some time, attention and love.

• Take your beads and jewelry to the beach for some sun and salt water (don't forget to rinse off in clean water after)

• A moonlight walk under the full moon to recharge and fill with feminine beauty and insight.

• Sometimes a simple rinsing and setting your best intentions will also do the trick!

• An extra nice treat is a concert: play your sound healing bowls in crystal or Tibetan handmade brass for your beads. We put ours IN the bowl and let the vibrations soothe and calm our pieces!

• One of the easiest and attainable ways without leaving your home is using the smoke from burning wood or other nice-smelling organic matter such as amber, incense, sage leaves (which we have for free in the store), various herbs and MORE!- to purify and wash away spiritual impurities.

Palo Santo is Spanish for "holy wood" and is related to frankincense, myrrh and copal. It smells wonderful as is and even stronger when burning. We have some in the store right now, so come down and take a sniff!

For more details about the rituals of smoke purification, here's one link!

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Treston Malone - June 20, 2020

Looking to but some. Do you have some in stock? If so, how much?

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