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pearl june birthstone

Pearls: Nature’s Way of Transforming Hardship to Healing & Happiness

Pearls are the June Birthstone! We love wearing pearl jewelry in Hawaii!  It’s dressy enough for special occasions, and yet simple enough to wear on a day to day basis.  It’s the only gemstone created by a living organism, WOW!, so finding a natural pearl used to be a “one in a million” lucky chance, which made them difficult to obtain. rare and valuable.  Pearls also signify innocence, charity, and faith, which makes them perfect for wedding jewelry!

In the 5th century, China was able to insert small objects into mollusks and start “blister pearls,” which were pearls that attached to one side of the shell, and coated on the other side with mother-of-pearl.  

By the 1920’s, pearls were being cultured in Japan using patented techniques that allowed for them to be round, abundant and more accessible.

Now, there are two types of cultured pearls: saltwater and freshwater.  The Tahitian pearls that we love at The Bead Gallery, are saltwater pearls that come from oysters, which can take years for one single pearl to form.  Freshwater pearls come from mussels and can yield up to 60 in the same time period, which is why freshwaters cost less and also tend to be harvested faster and smaller.  We carry both kinds in our bead store because we LOVE pearls! DID YOU KNOW, that any mollusk with a shell can theoretically produce a pearl?  Neat!

How are pearls “made”?  When an irritant, like sand, enters the mollusk, it secretes a layer of nacre around the grit to protect itself.  Basically, the longer it's irritated, the thicker the nacre becomes and that results in creating an iridescent lustrous coating that is simply beautiful.   

Just like the pearls - we go through hardship, irritation and being rubbed the wrong way - and it’s due to these challenges that we see what we are made of...  That we can overcome, continue and become even MORE beautiful and precious, like a pearl!  

Top 5 Reasons We Recommend Using Pearls In Your Handmade Jewelry !

• they come in many colors

• are easy to match with other gems, Swarovski crystals, and glass beads

• the sizes and shapes vary in ways that make it easy to design

• they are, for the most part, affordable for a natural gem!

•they are easy to drill and look great in wire projects, knotted, straight stringing and on every part of your body!

Learn more about pretty pearls here!

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