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Planetary Party Bracelet - Feel the Universe in your Hands!

Planetary Party Bracelet - Feel the Universe in your Hands!

Wouldn't it be cool to wear something that reminded us of our place in the universe?

Our solar system is one of over 500 known solar systems in the entire milky way galaxy. Revolving around the Sun are 8 planets and we have chosen various natural gemstones to represent these 8 different planets, the sun and the moon (and we've included Pluto since we grew up with him too!)

The 11 stones are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sun and Moon.  We selected gemstones that we felt had a visual and energetic similarity to the actual planets and we've attached a list of the beads that are featured in our current planet mix!

Feel free to add your choice of beads to extend it to fit your wrist or neck - we recommend lava for grounding, jade for luck and abundance, aquamarine for peace and calm... or ask us and we will make a recommendation!

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