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Sharpie Hacks for Beading!

In my tool kit, I always carry a sharpie with me.  It is super cheap and can make your jewelry look so much better!
  1. Use a Sharpie marker as an annealing marker when heating metal.  When it turns black, your wire is done!
  2. As a jump ring mandrel - wind, coil, and cut
  3. Antiquer on charms.  I like to use extra fine to fill in the little spaces!  Wipe away any excess and give it a great shine with a polishing cloth
  4. Mark bending points on wire.  Easy way to get your lotus petal earrings to match :)
  5. Make consistent wire wraps by marking your round nose pliers (our #1 tip in our 19 years of teaching basic wire wrap)
  6. Stain your white Fire Line and Nymo to black
  7. Use it to lift your threads on the macrame board so your fingers can slip under to tie knots!
Comment your sharpie jewelry making tips below!  I'd love to hear about them :) In addition to our site, please keep in touch with us through our Facebook Page!
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