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Tahitian Pearl Overload!

Spent some time with our lovely friend, Mana, who's business, LeMana Perles, specializes in bringing in high-quality Tahitian Pearl!

Why do we love the Tahitian Pearl so much?

It's not because they are "better" than chinese freshwater (cause we love those too), but in general the longer a pearl takes to come to it's full, natural shape, the more nacre has built up and the more lustrous the pearl. I love the weight of a pearl that's been rolling about, building it's protective layers for years. I love the symbolism of it being made due to the tiny bit of sand, that irritates the soft inside of the mollusk causing a protective layer to form around the irritant, and something beautiful arising as a result! Nowadays, most, if not all pearls are cultured. Meaning a tiny bit of plastic, or a soft tissue, called the mantle is inserted very carefully into a closed shell. It can take anywhere from months to years for a thick layer of nacre to build, which is what makes the pearl so lustrous and sought after!  The thicker the "coating", the better.. to me! Regarding the title of this blog... no such thing as an "overload" when it comes to beads, right?  lol!
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