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Teacher Appreciation Day

Key to Success

I chose this lil charm set because I think teachers are the key to success.  My teachers have been there for me to understand lessons in the curriculum and in navigating life.  Many of my teachers studied other things in college but ultimately decided on teaching because they wanted to help others, and I thank them for that.  Long hours after school ends tutoring kids and correcting homework, all for the better of our futures.

What Goes Around Comes Around

This charm strikes me because many of my teachers (at Pearl City High School) are also alumni.  More than half of the math department climbed the four flights of stairs to the top of A building and cheered for PCHS to win at homecoming.  Their teachers shaped them into wonderful teachers who will shape the teachers of tomorrow.

Yesterday Today Tomorrow / Today Tomorrow Forever

A letter to all my past, current, and future teachers/mentors: All those times you spent tutoring me in factoring...  Let me retake a chapter test...  It's not for nothing.  We appreciate the time you spend and the amount of effort you put into teaching.  We can tell you care.  I just wanted to tell you,  your impact on my life will last forever. Love, Ellie
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