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Use the Marie Kondo "Konmari" Method to Organize Your Bead Area

  "My creative space is a mess!"  That is one of the number one things I've heard over the last 19 years from a multitude of crafters and beaders! [caption id="attachment_22382" align="alignnone" width="300"]messy table anna BEFORE![/caption] My mom recently gave me a book titled "the life-changing magic of tidying up", by Marie Kondo, and I picked up some helpful tips!  I realized that my cluttered areas reined in my creative expression and that it takes practice to recognize quickly what brings me joy, and how to become more comfortable letting things go.   I'm in the process of doing this now for my home AND bead store!
Here are a handful of tips from Marie that left an impression: #1- Understand that all your belongings - everything has feelings. "If you're having a hard time getting rid of something, thank the item for the role it has already played in your life," Kondo advises, recommending you say something like "Thank you for giving me joy when I bought you" or "Thank you for teaching me what doesn't suit me." Then you're free to "let it go."  And if you want to find a good home for your unused/unwanted beads, we have a donation program called Beads with Aloha!  The next bunch of kits are going to kids in Tahiti!! #2 - Touch all of it.  If it sparks joy, then keep it.  If not, move on.  Kondo states, "Remember to not worry about what to ‘throw away,’ but instead focus on keeping what sparks joy in you....Understanding what sparks joy in our lives has an almost limitless magic in improving our lives.”  And if anything can spark joy, it's a gemstone bead! #3 - Put your items that spark joy in a place that is visible, accessible and easy to grab and put back. Be sure to always put that object back in it’s proper spot and you will not have to “tidy up” again.  This makes so much sense!  I'm planning to install a magnetic strip for my most well-used tools in my beading area. #4-  Sort by category, not location.  Personally, we are starting at The Bead Gallery with TOOLS! [caption id="attachment_22385" align="alignright" width="224"]storage solution AFTER...[/caption] #5 - Don't keep gifts out of guilt.  Repurpose it!  If it's an old strand of pearls that you inherited from a loved one, re-knot it as a contemporary piece you'd love to wear, or wire wrap it as earrings for all your family members!
I bought Jason a copy of this book, too.  We want to apply some of these organizing techniques to The Bead Gallery, to allow for a creative safe space that is peaceful and inspiring! Okay, Marie - let's DO THIS! Jason and I are planning our first Bead Gallery de-cluttering party, and using Marie's categorizing technique, we are focusing on TOOLS for the first SALE event. There will be MORE than tools, YES!, but our first decluttering and organizing will be on TOOLS!  And to make it FUN for us, we are turning it into a get-together, social event to celebrate sharing, ideas and creativity!! Get a ticket for our pre-sale event on Friday, May 20th here, or stop by in the store on May 21 and 22 to see what we are unearthing!! Aloha!!!  
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