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Top 10 Ways to Use Chain

If you only use chain to hold pendants onto your neck, then you may have missed all the ways that chain can adorn a body :).  In addition to a necklace, there are so many other possibilities when it comes to designing with chain.  And most importantly, there are different types of chains to get creative with.

1. Chain Tassel

Waterfall Earrings chain tassel Use some dainty chain as a chain tassel for a modern, chic look!  We love this look in earrings, as a necklace focal, and more.  Not only is it simple to dress up or down, but also it is easy to clean with a silver dip.

2. Securing a Magnetic Clasp

straight stringing bracelet magnetic clasp chain If you like easy-to-wear bracelets, then you've most likely been tempted (at least once) by magnetic clasps.  The concept of a clasp that puts itself together is so alluring, but has its faults.  Secure your magnetic clasp-ed pieces with a piece of chain (appx. 2.5") and you're good to go.

3. Necklace Extender

necklace with extender chain Make necklaces adjustable with a 2-3" piece of a large link chain!  You can also adorn the end of the chain with a bead or charm for added cuteness!  This tip is especially relevant for gift giving!

4. Convertible Bracelet -> Necklace!

sapphire convertible necklace chain This necklace is the perfect example of a bracelet (which is also a necklace!).  How to rock this multi-purpose look?  First, make a super cute bracelet.  Then, you'll need a long piece of chain.  Keep in mind, your bracelet will account for 6.5-8 (depending on how large your bracelet is) inches of the necklace. Think: "how long do I want my necklace to be?"  So if you want a necklace that is 24" in length:

24" - (bracelet length) - (clasp length) = extender

5. Tiny Finger Rings

chain ring Use dainty thread-like chain for super cute rings!  Wire-wrap a bead to secure the ends together and you're finished :)  This ring was made by Michelle.  Click on the photo to learn more about it!

6. Giving Beads Some Space

Now, this may seem a little strange, but once you see the photo, you'll get it. wire wrap This necklace is elegantly spaced so the beads really POP!  In addition, use a fancier chain to add more flair.  Not only does this save yourself from wire-wrapping lots, but also it creates more texture. matte beads and chain

7. Belts and Other Accessories!

Use a long, chunky piece as a belt!  Besides matching the strap on your classy purse, you'll also get lots of complements when you wear it.  Sometimes, it seems like simple is best!  Furthermore, see our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

8. Components on Earrings

Jazz up your earring designs with some "creative components"!  We're in love with this new Chevron chain. chevron chain earrings In addition to freshening up your designs, it is usually cheaper than buying components!  Basically, it's a win-win! :)

9. Stringing Beads

stringing on chain Use dainty chains as a cord to string on large hole beads.  Most noteworthy, its perfect for those who love simple necklaces and bracelets.  Although it is a little more expensive than traditional cords, it offers an alternative and more modern look.

10. Body Jewelry

Recently, there's been a trend in body jewelry.  "Slave bracelets" and anklets are all the rage.   Besides the cringe-worthy name, it is a beautiful adornment.  Furthermore, it is perfect for beach-babes who stroll the shores barefoot.  Although, let us warn you, it can get caught on things!  Nevertheless, its a wonderful piece of jewelry that makes you feel like a goddess.  See our chain inspiration board on Pinterest for more! chain hand jewelry That's a wrap!  In addition to this site, keep in touch with us through Facebook!  Post on our page cause most of all, we'd like to see all the beautiful things YOU create with chain.  Aloha!
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