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Focal Gemstone Mix (5 pc. bead set)

color: love & kindness
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We made this gemstone mixes in response to the recent challenges and stressors that are bringing out hopefully the BEST in us!

We've been inspired and motivated to make these lovely selections of beads that spoke of:

  • LOVE & KINDNESS: Madagascar rose quartz, rose quartz with Kanji for love, kunzite, amethyst, and "dotty" crystal quartz! 10 -12mm with holes that fit up to 18 gauge.
  • LOVE & KINDNESS V.2: Pink opal, Madagascar rose quartz, lepidolite, amethyst, kunzite 10 -12mm with holes that fit up to 18 gauge.
  • ABUNDANCE & ADAPT: seraphinite, jade, Saturn chalcedony, prehnite, and aventurine! 10 -12mm with holes that fit up to 18 gauge.
  • PEACE & CALM: amazonite, blue lace agate, aquamarine, larimar, and blue chalcedony! 10 -14mm with holes that fit up to 18 gauge.
  • SURVIVE & THRIVE: red tiger eye, carnelian with phoenix, garnet, citrine, and matte picasso jasper! 10 -14mm with holes that fit up to 18 gauge.
  • FOCUS & GROUND: smoky quartz, pietersite, chinese turquoise, bronzite, and ice obsidian! 10 -12mm with holes that fit up to 18 gauge.
  • CLARITY & CONNECTION: howlite, rainbow moonstone, crystal quartz, white quartzite, Himalayan moon quartz.  10 -14mm
  • REFLECT & AWARE: amethyst, lapis, blue chalcedony, charoite, kyanite. 10 -14mm
  • CREATIVITY & CONFIDENCE: rutilated quartz, natural aura Hematoid Quartz, citrine, carnelian with dragon, lemon quartz.  10 -12mm

Please enjoy!!!  Jason checked each bead hole to make sure it will fit stretchy cord, and drilled out ALL the ones that were too small.

Make an ENCHANTED WAND, a set of 5 stretchy cord bracelets to mix and match, or 5 interchangeable pendants you can wear on a cord, or go for broke and put ALL on one necklace as I did!!!  Hugs!