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Courage Dragon Bracelet


Courage is within all, just waiting to be brought to the light. When a challenge arises or even as we wait for the unknown… Be present in your heart… Listen to the messages. Respond willingly, and with great love for yourself. Find your truth and express it. Courage isn’t waiting for the moment where you are no longer afraid – it’s moving forward through your fear.

This elixir of gemstones and teak wood is meant to inspire courage whenever you wear it!

  • 10 - 16mm gemstones include ruby, turquoise, citrine, green aventurine, yellow opal, teak wood, crystal quartz with gold dragon.
  • Stretchy cord bracelet fiits up to 5 3/4” inch wrist. (Resizing available for a small fee.)
  • Each bracelet is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.
  • Dragon for wisdom, power, and good luck. The most auspicious symbol of the Chinese celestial animals.
  • Crystal quartz helps keep you even-tempered, and assists in thinking clearly and making decisions from a place of strength and calm.
  • Turquoise may be the oldest used gemstone – beads dating back to 5,000 B.c. have been found. Turquoise helps us find wholeness and truth and aides us in communication. It helps bring about serenity and peace. It heals emotions, relieves stress, and the list goes on. Wear this like a daily multi-vitamin. Turquoise strengthens and elevates all levels of energy, increasing understanding emotional issues, creativity, and intuition, while being guided by love. It is a healer of the spirit, a source of strength, a guide through the unknown, and a protector from danger.
  • Citrine does not hold negative energy. It can be used to create emotional balance and to promote personal power, creativity, intelligence, problem solving, and physical strength. It has been called the “merchant’s stone” because it can help one to acquire and maintain wealth. A stone for success in all realms – mostly spiritual and of the heart.
  • Green aventurine is a comforting and heart-healing stone, assists with new situations like starting a new job, a new relationship, new school and helps with challenging issues like aging, illness, our mortality. a Go with the Flow stone! Also a good luck stone for prosperity – so take it to las vegas!
  • Ruby is a very powerful stone that can energize and activate your physical, mental, and emotional body. It’s a stone of courage that helps you speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in. It’s a stand-in best friend. stimulates the heart and brings love, spiritual wisdom, health, wealth, and knowledge. As a shielding stone, it can help protect one from harm, unhappiness, and bad dreams. The ruby encourages one to follow bliss and is said to light the darkness of ones life.
  • Opal in general is a stone of achievement, HOPE and good luck. The YELLOW opal is a stone of emotional stability, enhancing positive emotions. It’s wonderful to wear in time of fear, distress, and new situations where you need to be stronger and “larger” than you’ve felt able to, and feel a connection to your mana, your inner source of power. Also brings a welling of joy that starts in my stomach and goes straight up to my heart.