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Iolite Strand - 6mm Smooth Round

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Iolite is a pleochroic gemstone that is violet-blue (comes from iron) to blueish brown depending on the angle you view it. So, there are 3 distinct colors in three crystal directions! It has two names, cordierite, after the geologist Pierre Cordier, and iolite, which comes from the Greek word, ios, which means violet.

This batch is aptly named, as it's a violet-blue with a brown undertone that makes it earthy!ξ Perhaps its ability to shift colors is what makes it a great stone for new perspectives and waking up our intuition!

  • 6mm iolite smooth round
  • 8" strand
  • Approximately 31 beads per strand
  • Iolite has a wonderful way of waking up the 3rd eye.
  • Each strand is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.