Collection: Tourmaline Pre-Sale!

Enjoy our specials on this pre-sale tourmaline!!  Tourmaline comes in so many colors - there's something for sure, for everyone!

Tourmaline can be a stone to attract inspiration, diminish fear, and increase self confidence. It can assist in the attainment of peace and understanding, encourages awareness, and allows one to trust in the healing power of love.   I love them all the colors, and have a new fave depending on the day.

You could usually find me wearing black tourmaline (but not necessary so much that we don't have as much social interaction), so I'm currently loving the yellow!!


pinkIt is a stone of love that heals emotional ouchies from childhood - for comfort and safety. helps me to release stress, worries, depression, and anxiety. It stimulates feelings of joy, happiness, and relaxation just like my teddy bear :) attracts love, confirms that it’s safe to love, inspires trust in love, and allows us to understand that we must first love ourselves, then love others, and others will love us.

green: yang to the pink yin energy. awesome for self-healing, channels nature’s healing power, has a relationship with plants and animals. can enhance vitality and stamina in physical activities, and helps spiritual people enjoy live in the physical world.

black: cleans the air around you of negative vibes, and turns it into usable energy. does not absorb it, it will transmute/convert it into positive energy! counters excessive stress in the home or workplace - very protective in those challenging circumstances. keeping it by the bed can help sleep better.

yellow: this stone is awesome!!! Promotes clear-thinking, goal-setting, creative problem-solving, confidence, perseverance, self-worth, and a positive attitude. This stone's got it going on! Wear this to feel worthy and strong!

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