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Wire Sampler Pack - Our Picks for Components!


These wires are the best when it comes to making components like the easy peacey hoop and teardrops, finger rings, jump rings, clasps, shapes, cages and more!

20 gauge is the thinnest of the pack and perfect for making the smaller components: 4 - 6mm jump rings, coils, link, and tiny clasps.

18 gauge is the best size for making general components that are between a nickel to a quarter in size.

16 gauge is the thickest of the pack and is our go-to size for larger, studier components, and for items that require more than 3" of wire. Once hammered, this wire will hold its shape under average duress.

Your sampler pack includes:

  • 2 feet: 20 gauge SOFT
  • 2 feet: 18 gauge SOFT
  • 2 feet: 16 gauge SOFT