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Gemstones for Abundance & Success

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abundance and success stones
Jade – feel uplifted and positive!
Aventurine: for luck and a good attitude!
Citrine: for success and wealth!
Tiger’s Eye: for courage and vitality!

Gemstones for Abundance & Success!

Citrine, Jade, Aventurine & Tiger’s Eye


Citrine is one of our most popular stones! It’s a sunny yellow that radiates confidence, success and energy!

Citrine does not hold negative energy.  It can be used to create emotional balance and to promote personal power, creativity, intelligence, problem solving, and physical strength.   It has been called the “merchant’s stone” because it can help one to acquire and maintain wealth. A stone for success in all realms – mostly spiritual and of the heart.


Another popular stone for thousands of years, that according to the Gemological Institute of America, is encompasses TWO stones: Jadeite AND Nephrite.  Read the details here!  

Jade has such an interesting story, I MUST post a little more about it and leave the long, detailed version here (which I recommend you read, if you are a jade lover!)

“Nephrite jade has its cultural roots in the smoke-dimmed caves and huts that sheltered prehistoric humans. In China, Europe, and elsewhere around the world, Stone Age workers shaped this toughest of minerals into weapons, tools, ornaments, and ritual objects. Their carvings invoked the powers of heaven and earth and mystic forces of life and death.

In Central America, the Mayans and the Aztecs prized jadeite jade. They used it for medicinal purposes as well as for jewelry, ornaments, and religious artifacts. The name jade comes from the Spanish expression piedra de ijada—literally “stone of the pain in the side.” Early Spanish explorers named it after they saw natives holding pieces of the stone to their sides to cure or relieve various aches and pains. Jadeite also symbolizes prosperity, success, and good luck.

It was in China—where the gem-carving tradition was already thousands of years old—that jadeite reached its peak as an important artistic medium. The first jadeite reached China from Burma (now known as Myanmar) in the late 1700s, and late eighteenth and early nineteenth century carvers created masterpieces that are still unsurpassed in concept, design, and technical execution.
The Chinese associate jade with clarity of mind and purity of spirit. Some of the ancient symbolic motifs still used in modern jade carvings (both nephrite and jadeite) include:

  • Bat—happiness
  • Butterfly—long life
  • Dragon—power, prosperity, and goodness
  • Peach—immortality
  • Bi (flat circular disk with a hole in the center) – heaven

Jade is an emotional balancer, that attracts good luck and friendship!


It’s a form of quartz, that comes in multiple colors but the most common color is green. It’s often used as an inexpensive substitute for Jade, when a soft shade of green is necessary, and it’s name aventurine derives from the Italian “a ventura” meaning “by chance”.

Aventurine is a stone of optimism – a comforting and heart-healing stone, assists with new situations like starting a new job, a new relationship, new school and helps with challenging issues like aging, illness, our mortality.  A Go with the Flow stone!  Also a good luck stone for prosperity – so take it to Las Vegas!

Tiger’s Eye

A great stone to learn new gem words with!

Tiger’s Eye is super popular with men and women, it has a sheen, or “chatoyancy” that makes it glow.  Chatoyant means showing a band of bright reflected light caused by aligned inclusions in the stone

Now what causes that?  Tiger’s Eye is a pseudomorph (a crystal consisting of one mineral but having the form of another which it has replaced) of compact Quartz after the fibrous mineral Crocidolite. “It is formed when the Quartz takes over and dissolves the Crocidolite, leaving the Quartz in a finely fibrous and chatoyant form. When polished, it’s silky luster creates a beautiful chatoyant effect of moving layers of brown and yellow lines and waves.”   Details at minerals.net

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