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Gemstones for Peace & Calm

By September 13, 2017 No Comments
peace and calm tumbled gemstones

It’s easy to sink into my own fears and problems when they are right in my face. HUGE NUMBER 1 PROBLEMO:  I need a new place to move my business.  NOW! And it’s not just finding a location, but a location that we can fit 20 years of beads in AND more importantly, that we can afford.   It’s been a source of major worry for over a year, and that’s intensified with our move-out date coming so soon.

And with all of the chaos going around in the world, and hurricanes rushing past us with unbelievable force and potential destruction, it’s become great reminders to myself that things can change to crap so quickly, not to fall so often into the trap of taking things for granted, and to find my safety and calm inside of ME. 

I’ve been wearing my larimar and blue lace agate bracelets EVERY DAY for 3 months…  They have such a peaceful energy and soothing calmness that reminds me of floating in ocean, watching clouds move past in the sky.  That I am safe and sound, and regardless of my surroundings and crazy thoughts – I can find some measure of peace.

I can’t tell anyone how to deal with stress and worry effectively .. I can barely do that for myself on some days!  But, I can say that I load up with my gemstones, and remind myself that I am powerful and capable and that my adornment is just a reflection of the beauty that is inside of me.

Good luck!!  Jamie

peace and calm gemstones
Amazonite – to chill and relax with.
Blue lace agate and chalcedony – to calm yourself down.
Larimar – to feel the power to be at peace.
Aquamarine – for the courage to lean into the chaos and feel calm.


Blue Chalcedony and Blue Lace Agate

Blue chalcedony is a milky blue gemstone that is helpful in restoring calm and balance during stressful times of anger, fear, panic, anxiety.  Perfect for worry-warts!  It keeps you present instead of projecting what could happen in the future.  Like a good cup of Chamomile tea.  Helps with mental flexibility, enhances listening skills and communicating clearly and positively.

Blue Lace Agate is and looks very similar to blue chalcedony with the only visible difference is its white banding.  It brings peace of mind, a calming and nurturing stone, counteracts feelings of judgement and repression that we feel from others and towards ourselves.  Blue lace agate also helps voice true feelings especially for those who have difficulty making themselves heard.


Amazonite is a robin’s egg blue colored gemstone.  A soothing stone of harmony and peace-making, calms the brain and nervous system, it assists us in communicating our true thought and feelings without the drama.  This gem also awakens compassion and assists in manifesting our dreams, when we voice our intentions out loud.  If you want to gain clarity about what you want and what you feel, this gem is for you!


Aquamarine is part of the beryl family which includes heliodor/yellow beryl, and morganite/pink beryl.  Aqua has been called the “stone of courage,” as it enhances and accelerates one’s responses and reasoning and can be used as a stone of protection.  Calming, it puts us in touch with our deepest emotions, assisting in clearer communication with our soul’s purpose.  It provides a shielding aura and has been used to guard against injury.  The wearer becomes more perceptive, attuned to nature, and spiritually centered. Empowering – not thru strength and will, but through resilience.


Found exclusively in the Dominican Republic, larimar is named after the ocean it resembles.  This gem similar to the ocean, will wash away your worry and replace it with serene and soothing energies.  Larimar also radiates love and peace, great for the throat chakra so that you can speak from your heart and be able to communicate with emotional strength.  It is excellent for those seeking a soulmate and dissolves self-sabotaging behavior, especially the tendency towards self-imposed suffering, and assist in taking control of life.  It will help you meet challenges with a neutral state.  Relaxation is an important benefit!

Below, you’ll find some jewelry and beads featuring these awesome gems!

Aquamarine Stretchy Cord Bracelets

Tumbled Gemstone Kit: Peace and Calm

Angel Mixed Gemstone Bodhi Bracelet

Amazonite Bright Moon Bracelet

Blue Chalcedony Bead Set


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