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I AM a Creative Expert!

By August 31, 2017 No Comments
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• Today’s goal: To set myself free and revamp media titles into affirmations.  

•• Last week’s goal: To not choke up on a phone interview.

I was featured on a podcast last week by Best Life Ever’s: Kimi & Pua!

It gave me undiluted, reflective time to publicly review and share my weaknesses, strengths, hopes and for ME to focus on me.   I freaked out a lot prior to the call!

My mind raced –  who could possibly be interested in my life? How do I fill any awkward voids?  What if no one listens, and my words just float around in the internet void of continued chaos.  Then, the phone rang and I turned off my head and turned on my heart.  

I have regrets, sadness, mistakes and fears like everyone else, and I have the same love, optimism, creativity and the SAME beating 💗 that is unstoppable, like YOURS.  I just also happen to see life like a bowl of beads…

To me, beads are a symbol of love, peace, friendship, and just like people, come in all sizes, shapes and colors! When we string them, we are connected in one endless strand that keeps us together, all here to experience love. 

Our experiences are singular, but we are never alone.  

And if you are as interested in me, as I am in YOU, I hope you have time to catch the podcast on Bestlifeeever.buzz or listen on iTunes, Google Play, or right on their website! https://buff.ly/2ittKb5

 Aloha!! Jamie

Episode Title: Lessons from 20 Years as a Creative Entrepreneur (Interview with Jamie Yoshida)

Air Date:  Sunday, August 27th, 2017
Best Life Ever Website: http://www.bestlifeever.buzz

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bestlifeever/id1109233919?mt=2

We can also be found on Google Play and Stitcher for non-Apple users. 


Instagram.com/kimiandpua / @blebuzz

best life ever kimi and pua

About Best Life Ever: 

Best Life Ever is a free weekly podcast hosted by Kimi Morton + Pua Pakele and Cabot. These two time and energy coaches from Hawaii are dedicated to helping people get focused, reduce stress, reclaim their time, and fall in love with their lives. Best Life Ever is on a mission to expand the way people think, work, and live in today’s modern world for more fulfilling personal and professional lives, more meaningful relationships, and more fun! Visit Best Life Ever at http://www.bestlifeever.buzz 

Kimi + Pua