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Schedule for February 2021

Facebook Live Showcases every Wed/Sat/Sun from 2-3pm ish and Fridays from 5:30-6:30pm HST.

Question: What's a Live Showcase? 

Answer: Products, what's new, demos, ideas, suggestions, customer requests, kits, giveaways, contests, bloopers, tech errors, tongue tied silences, healing, empowerment, love - and anything else we can squeeze in.





Jan 6 Wed 5:30 pm
Live Showcase: Feathers
Jan 8 Fri 5:30 pm
Weekly Recap: Feathers, Nancy Lee Heartfelt Set Redux!
Jan 9 Sat 1:00 pm
Live Showcase: CANCELLED
Jan 10 Sun 1:00 pm
Jan 13 Wed 2:00 pm
Live Showcase: Flower Bead Mixes-   I have a ring I want to demo as well!!
Jan 15 Fri 5:30 pm
Weekly Recap
Jan 16 Sat 1:00 pm
Tiny Gems Demo with Great Bead Extravaganza
Jan 16 Sat 2:00 pm Vintage Glass Beads in Requested Colors
Jan 17 Sun 2:00 pm Most Requested & Popular Gemstones by the Piece
Jan 17 Sun 4:00 pm Live Wire Demo with Jo Ann Segawa
Jan 20 Wed 2:00pm Debbie Lindsey Birthday Party with Games & Giveaways!
Jan 22 Fri 5:30pm Weekly Recap
Jan 23 Sat 2:00pm Color of the Year - Let's Step Into the Light!
Jan 24 Sun 2:00pm Seashells with a Mermaid (Breni!) Birthday Party
Jan 27 Wed 2:00pm Zodiac: Aquarius
Jan 29 Fri 5:30pm Weekly Recap
Jan 30 Sat 12:00pm Demo: Year of the Ox with Oahu Charms
Jan 30 Sat 2:00pm Year of the Ox Balancing Beads
Jan 31 Sun 2:00pm Total Request Live and Surprise Unboxing with Giveaways!!