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.014" diameter, 21 strand Soft Touch beading cable (10 ft. package)


*PLEASE NOTE: your 10 ft. length will be hand-spooled into a 3x3" bag for the time being :). If you need a larger quantity, please contact us!  The 30 ft. is available on a spool!

This beading cable is our number one favorite!  It's 21 strands of stainless steel cable that is twisted and encased in plastic and therefore, stretchy-proof, rust-proof, shred resistant, and as supple as a stainless steel cable can be.  Its diameter is perfect for seed beads, crystals, glass, and gemstones from 2mm to 8mm, and we've been using it for years in bracelets, necklaces and now mask leashes!

10 ft. is a great amount to start with, as you can loosely estimate about 1 ft. for a bracelet or mask leash, and 2 ft. on average for a necklace.  And if you ever are in need of a thicker cable, just double it up!

  • .014 diameter stainless steel beading cable
  • 10 pound test strength
  • 50% more supple than its original friend, Soft Flex, and our preferred choice!
  • The grey color is the color of the stainless steel

*Don't forget to get a couple of bead stoppers to stop your beads from falling off!! 

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