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9 Dragon Sons Crystal Quartz Beads

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TBG Exclusive Commissioned Gemstone Dragon Beads - Limited edition set of 9 crystal quartz dragon beads at The Bead Gallery! These are the 9 sons of the mythological Dragon King, to represent different characteristics of protection, pleasure, and function in nature. 


  • 10 OR 12mm crystal quartz beads
  • 9 different dragon etchings
  • For *WISDOM, *ABUNDANCE, *GOOD FORTUNE, *SUCCESS, *WEALTH, *PROTECTION, *STRENGTH, and ALL of the amazing Dragon-like qualities...
  • Jewelry is pictured for inspiration. If you'd like to commission a similar custom piece, please contact us!
  • From Wikipedia:

Nine different young of the dragon, whose shapes are used as ornamental decoration according to their nature.

* The qiú niú (Form of dragon) a creature that likes music, are used to adorn musical instruments.

* The yá zì (Hybrid of wolf and dragon) a creature that likes to fight, is aggressive and is normally found on cross-guards on sword as ornaments.

* The cháo fēng (Resembles a Phoenix and dragon) a creature that likes to adventure. They are typically placed on the four corners of roofs.

* The pú láo (Four leg small form dragon) a creature that likes to scream, and are represented on the tops of bells, used as handles.

* The suān ní 狻猊, (Hybrid of lion and dragon) a creature that likes to sit down, are represented upon the bases of Buddhist idols (under the Buddhas' or Bodhisattvas' feet).

* The bì xì (Hybrid of turtle and dragon) a creature with a large shell able to carry heavy objects, and are normally found on under grave-monuments.

* The bì àn (Hybrid of tiger and dragon) a creature that likes litigation, are placed over prison gates (in order to keep guard).

* The bā xià (Hybrid of reptilia animal and dragon) a creature that likes to drink water, and is typically used on bridge structures.

* The chī wěn (Hybrid of fish and dragon) a creature that likes swallowing, are placed on both ends of the ridgepoles of roofs (to swallow all evil influences).