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Gemstone with Etched Gold Phoenix 10mm Round Bead (7 Options Available) - 7.5" Strand

Gemstone with Etched Gold Phoenix 10mm Round Bead (7 Options Available) - 7.5" Strand

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  • 10mm Gemstone with Etched Gold Phoenix Round Bead
  • 7.5" strand
  • Approximately 19 beads per strand
  • Available in the following gemstones:
    • Tiger Eye
    • Amethyst
    • Green Aventurine
    • Carnelian
    • Lapis
    • Black Agate
    • Mixed (includes 1 double dragon crystal quartz and 3 beads each of amethyst, green aventurine, tiger eye, carnelian, black agate, lapis)

This may come in a bag or a strand, not as a bracelet.  Let us know if you want to add on stretchy cord, or if you'd like us to make it as a bracelet for you for $10.

Jewelry is pictured for inspiration. If you'd like to commission a similar custom piece, please contact us! 


My friend posted her feelings on Facebook and it left a lasting impression on me: "My heart is filled with gratitude. I reconnected with the water, air, and earth. I am aligned with the cosmos. The fire has burned and the end is near as my new beginning begins and like the phoenix, I rise from the ashes to be reborn."

If this resonates with you, and you are you on fire for transformation, then wear something to spark those embers and remind you that you are always changing and ever growing!


The symbolic meaning of the phoenix is about renewal. The phoenix is about overcoming darkness and rising to the challenge to become powerful and successful! It represents transformation, death, and rebirth in its fire. As a powerful spiritual totem, the phoenix is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. As both a fire and solar symbol, the phoenix animal guide is symbolic of the sun, which “dies” in setting each night only to be reborn in rising the next morning.

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