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10mm Palo Santo Wood Stretchy Cord Bracelet


This is a TOTAL yes bracelet!! It goes with anything you may already have and plays well with gemstones with its natural light woody color, delicious smell and lightweight balance on the wrist!

Palo Santo is Spanish for “holy wood” & related to frankincense, myrrh, and copal.

For energetic healing and cleansing.

A lot of people will burn the palo santo wood to use the smoke in cleansing rituals HOWEVER, you do NOT need to burn your bracelet.  It has a wonderful aroma as is, that's rich, woody, fragrant and a bit spicy.  I could keep mine on all day! In fact, I'm wearing mine as I write this, and I so look forward to putting it on when I get home!

Note: You can restring this with the stretchy cord technique if you want to add a gemstone focal!