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#11 Beading Needle (6 pc.)


Size #11 beading needles are more flexible and longer than their English "Sharp" counterparts.  We love that this needle bends and flexes as you move your needle around beads and cords, to reinforce or go through a beadweaving pattern.  It's great for seed beading and straight stringing - and we use it with Fireline, Nymo and Superlon cords.

Size 11 has the middle-sized eye of the popular #10, #11 and #12 sizes, and is great to go through seed beads, especially 11/0's, multiple times.  If you are going through a 15/0 multiple times, you may want to use a size #12 beading needle.

  • 55.5mm length
  • Supplied with needle threader.
  • Ideal for seed beads size 15/0 and larger