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2mm Buffalo Leather - 10 ft. package (cornelian)

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Buffalo leather has quickly become our favorite cord to use in our leather family. It's long-lasting, tough, enduring and easy to wear with its pliable feeling and very very little flaws. It's a quality European leather that we are proud to have in our store!! 

This 2mm is very thick and very heavy duty! While we purchased it as a 2.5mm, however due to the natural variation that occurs, we noticed that it's really 2mm, and may or may not be attainable again.

Wear it simply as is for necklace or bracelets. Use it with multiple projects - wearing it plain, knotted, or with beads strung on it or in-between, as you'll see in our tutorials!

Made in Germany with Eco-Friendly processing and dyes.

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