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Join me and Ellie making bunnies! Easter Sunday (Apr 12) at 12pm HST (BYOL - bring your own lunch)

Don't have the supplies yet? Not to worry.. just join in, watch and ask questions! I have a selection of bunny bodies that I picked out and can show you during the live so you can REPLAY and make.

Ellie will demonstrate live while I (Jamie) ask your questions and moderate!

Stuff to bring with you in your Easter basket per da Boss Bunny:
- chain/round/flat nose pliers
- wire cutters
- 6-step pliers (optional. I just like my bunny ears da same size)
- bench block & hammah (totally optional, I didn't even hammah my sample but I think I will for da video)
- 22 gauge wire (soft if you don't want your fingers to hurty)
-any egg shaped bead (mine is sorta flat face on the front and back, it makes it easier to make da tail, but if yours is round all da way around, I'll show you how to work around it)

See you soon šŸ’•
P.S. For those of you who haven't met Ellie yet... she wanted to work with us since she was in middle school (LOL!), and we were blessed to have her for her high school years! Now married and in Mesa, we are so excited to have a Facebook Live together! First of many, right Ellie??? Bunny hops yes!

*No need to buy a ticket or register! Just meet us on the live!!

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