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6/05/20 TIPS & TRICKS on Facebook Live!

Episode 5!! with Super Seven Special!


FREE per person



About this experience


Get your beading game ON! Learn OUR superhero tricks of the trade, big wink!, that will hopefully help you hone your craft and perhaps gain a new insight or perspective into more than beading! I find beading to be a microcosm of life, and there's always some new awareness, bit of information and problem-solving that extends beyond just "stringing a bead". Growth is the game, baby, and we've come WIN!!

Put as much info into your brain as you can, because most of it won't stick :). HOWEVER, the tips and tricks that catch your attention, the ones that are important, that DO pertain will excite and inspire you! At least, that's how we feel when we learn something new, and at the very least you can hang out with your bead peeps!

See you at 8PM at our Facebook Page: The Bead Gallery, Honolulu

Join us for a short showcase of Super Seven bracelets.
Super 7 sparkles like crazy! It's like the universe contained in a little bead!

Ingredients: amethyst, cacoxenite, clear qtz, goethite, lepidocrocite, rutile, and smoky quartz. It exhibits the energies of all 7 minerals whether or not the minerals are actually present in each individual piece. It is excellent for healing, balancing and energizing the body, mind and spirit. It enhances all spiritual and psychic abilities. And helps one to achieve their goals in all things.

Says it is: Excellent for healing, balancing and energizing the body, mind and spirit. Enhances all spiritual and psychic abilities.

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