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Black Spinel 3mm Smooth Round Bead - 6.75" Strand

Black Spinel 3mm Smooth Round Bead - 6.75" Strand

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  • 3mm Black Spinel round bead
  • 6.75" strand
  • Approximately 9 beads per inch
  • Each strand is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones

Black spinel is a grounding stone, which assists one in pulling in the energies of the universe through your body and down through the earth. Spinel is revitalizing, and can bring in fresh energy, promoting new hope and inspiration, reminding us that life is a gift. It assists us in releasing the past, so we can move forward and let go of our excessive emotional and physical baggage. Spinel also aids one in the process of decluttering. It is also a stone of victory and stamina, when we want to push ourselves beyond what we thought was possible, to achieve our goals.

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