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8mm Feng Shui Mixed Metal Bracelet Kit

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A beautiful beginner's bracelet that you can make and wear right away!
The four celestial animals together harmonize to bring you positive energy and happiness!  Michelle made this a mixed metal bracelet to balance out yin (silver), yang (gold) and copper to ground yourself with - such a wonderful bracelet and featuring our limited AND exclusive feng shui beads in crystal quartz that we had made for The Bead Gallery! 
The kit includes all the supplies to make the featured bracelet, however, you will need chain nose pliers and cutters.  Please let us know if you need assistance ordering the tools :)
  • Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, and Turtle are to promote and encourage your wonderful life.
  • The Green Dragon (East) is a major provider of luck, happiness, and brings wealth and well-being!
  • The Red Phoenix (South) brings fame, fortune, success, and new opportunities!  Wonderful for renewal and starting afresh.
  • The White Tiger (West) protects from any harm coming your way.
  • The Black Turtle (North) symbolizes longevity, endurance, support, and stability. Wonderful for grounding and protection from negativity. The image of a turtle with a snake coiled around it, known as the Dark Warrior, rules the North.

Video Tutorial

Refresher on basic stringing and crimping: