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Carded Nylon Bead Cord - #6

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Carded Nylon Bead Cord - #6 is approximately interchangeable with .019 beading cable and 22 gauge wire.

We've been selling this carded nylon for over 2 decades now, and prefer it's strength and resilience (and washability) over silk, and I personally have not had to re-string any of my necklaces since.   And one more awesome thing - you can burn the cord with a lighter or Thread Zap to end it, so no more waiting for the glue to dry! Yippee!

Enjoy stringing!!


Griffin carded nylon is a strong specially treated nylon with double the tensile strength of conventional nylon.

It stretches only about 3 – 4% under tension and will return to its original length when released.

Each card contains two meters (approx. 79 inches) of thread with a stainless steel needle attached at one end.

Video Tutorial

Knotting with Jamie: