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Chrome Diopside in Quartz Bracelet - 11.5mm (RARE)

Chrome Diopside in Quartz Bracelet - 11.5mm (RARE)

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Chrome diopside gets it's rich green color from chromium, and while relatively on the softer side as a stone, this is encased in crystal quartz!!  You can think of it as a protective "coating" that enhances the chrome diopside, which is also on the uniquely hard-to-find list of stones.


  • 11.5mm chrome diopside rounds
  • Stretchy cord bracelet fits up to 6.75" wrist. (Resizing available for a small fee.)
  • Chrome diopside is great to connect with Mother Earth, with it's beautiful greens encased in quartz that amplifies it visually and energetically.
  • Each bracelet is slightly different based on the one-of-a-kind nature of the stones.
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