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Dinosaur Bone 6mm Mixed Barrel & Rondelle Beads

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Quantity of 1" parcel:

  • 8 x 6mm barrel - 2 pieces
  • 6mm rondelle - 3 pieces

The 2 barrels and 3 rondelles combos is a sure-fire conversation starter in your next zoom meeting :)

Dinosaur Bone is legit over a million years old!  Fossilized dinosaur bone beads are fascinating, as the appearance and dimensions of the mineral remain constant, but over millions of years the natural bone material was replaced by a material to become chalcedony, quartz, agate, or "gembone"  in a process called permineralization! 

Dinosaur Bone used in rings and other jewelry is known as gembone (or gem bone) and has been described as one of the most rare and beautiful fossils in the world. Specimens can be traced back to dinosaurs that roamed the earth during the late Jurassic Age around 150 million years ago. The different colors and very unique pattern in gembones are caused by minerals such as chlorite, chromium, iron-oxide and manganese that enter the cells during formation.