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Earth Day Everyday! Heart Opening Tumbled Stone Mix! - 5 pcs. (KT541)

Earth Day Everyday! Heart Opening Tumbled Stone Mix! - 5 pcs. (KT541)

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Exclusively Mixed by our Angel Intuitive, Joy, for LOVE from The Bead Gallery, Honolulu 

Heart-Opening Journey Mix

A great mantra for this: "My heart is open, my spirit is nurtured, and I am safe in the universal love that surrounds us all."

  • Pistachio Green Opal (1 piece)
  • Prehnite (1 piece)
  • Rose Quartz (1 piece)
  • Pink Tourmaline (1 piece)
  • Cradle of Humanity (1 piece)

The stones in this kit are are great to set you up for a heart-opening and emotional growth journey.

Setting the stage for emotional healing and harmony are the calming energies of Green Opal and Prehnite's serene protection.

The heart chakra is strengthened and opened by the love energy of Pink Tourmaline and Rose Quartz, which promotes empathy and self-love.

The Cradle of Humanity serves as a compelling reminder of our important role in the natural world by grounding and linking us to it.

  • Total pieces: 5 pieces
  • Available 
    • Undrilled: NONE of the stones will have holes
  • Sizes range from approximately 9x14mm to 22x33mm
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